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The Goal of The Exquisite Shorts Program

This is a space that allows filmmakers an opportunity to highlight work they care about, are inspired by, or that they simply believe deserves a platform. Each short film will offer a new perceptive, ensuring this program is full of discoveries. Our unique process of curation will encourage communication and support between filmmakers, as the baton is passed from one filmmaker to the next.

How it works:

Filmmaker 1

Selects a short film from our pool of submissions.

The Filmmaker making the selection will record a video introduction to introduce themselves and share the thought process behind their selection. This will play prior to the film.

Filmmaker 2

This is the Filmmaker that was selected by Filmmaker 1. Filmmaker 2 repeats the same as above.

And so on…

Bi-weekly screenings

One short film will screen approximately every two weeks. The chosen films will be selected from our pool of blind submissions, guaranteeing a new discovery is made with each screening. If you’d like your film to be a part of that pool, you can submit directly through this website.

More on that below.

Film submissions and filmmaker curation

The guidelines for submission are quite broad: premiere status is not an issue and films can be from anywhere in the world, made in any year, and by filmmakers at any career stage. All filmmakers who are selected to screen their work in this program will be paid both a screening fee and a curation fee. There is a $5 administrative fee to submit per film.

Please note that all films are programmed by participating filmmakers, never by us, the website (AKA me, Sophy.)

Final notes

Short filmmakers often struggle to find their place in the greater film world. The Exquisite Shorts Program seeks to provide an alternative for the online exhibition of short films, acknowledge the importance of screening fees, as well as the need for community among artists. Above all, we believe offering filmmakers the freedom and power to curate work they believe in will result in some exciting and unique outcomes.


The Exquisite Shorts Program was made possible with the generous support of the following:

Sponsors ($1000+)
Sponsors ($500+)
Supporters: ($100+)
  • Peter Damm
  • Mylissa Fitzsimmons
  • Tony Nguyen
  • Zsofi Romvari
  • John Greyson
  • Mathona Thomson
  • Mike Ambs
  • Sean Gillane
  • Matthew Kariatsumari
  • M. H. Murray
  • Sarah Bay-Cheng
  • Bradford Thomason
  • Carson Lund
  • Caitlin Mae Burke
  • Abby Sun
  • Max Wylie
  • Zac Goldkind
  • David Thorn
  • John Bolton
  • Dan Lyon
  • Emily Cameron
  • Emanuel Cotto
  • Lucy Sutcliffe
  • Leah Collins Lipsett
  • Per Mjølkeråen
  • Andras Kovacs
  • Chase Whiteside
  • Scott Miller Berry
  • Joshua Kim

If you wish to make a contribution to support our program, please get in touch.